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Center Place Information
Last updated 7/29/2016

Putting Restoration Saints in contact with one another,
and with resources of common interest.

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Scripture Search Type Description
Bible Gateway's Bible Version Comparison Tool
Bible Gateway's Search (by scripture passage and version of the Bible)
Bible Hub (many versions, in many languages; tools, comparison options, lessons, notes, maps, commentaries, Greek and Hebrew Lexicons)
Blue Letter Bible (bible study materials, including Bible commentaries, audio sermons, charts, outlines, images, and maps )
Doctrine and Covenant Verse Comparision (3 pp; compares ten latter day sources of revelation, including RLDS and LDS Doctrine and Covenants) PDF
Gospel Essentials RLDS Scripture & Concordance Search
Holy Scriptures (KJV compared with the Inspired Version), Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants (and testimonies) (click on Library and select Scriptures)
Lectures on Faith (1834 curriculum for the School of the Prophets)
LDS/RLDS Verse # Cross Reference (2 pp; can be purchased from Price Publishing)


(some are also available in CD or PDF)

Publication Name Publisher Web Address or Contact Info
Glyph Notes
Published by Pre-Columbian Studies Institute (PSI)
PO Box 477, Independence, MO 64051
Published by the Foundation for Ancient Research & Mormon Studies (FARMS)
PO Box 7113, University Station, Provo, UT 84602
The Gospel News
Published by The Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonite)
The Hastening Times
Published by the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ
The Herald
Published by the Community of Christ (formerly RLDS)
The Latter Day Saints' Beacon
Published by the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches (click on "resources")
The Restoration Voice
Published by the Cumorah Books
The Rod of Iron
Published by the Church of Christ Restored
7705 S. Oak Hill School Road, Oak Grove, MO 64075
The Witness
Published by the Book of Mormon Foundation
Tidings of Zion
Published by the Conference or Restoration Elders
Vision Magazine
Published by Price Publishing
Zion's Advocate
Published by the Church of Jesus Christ (Temple Lot )


Restoration Organizations

[Church/Conference Headquarters] [Ministries] [Missionary Support] [Book Stores] [Schools] [Camps/Campgrounds/Internships] [Other Websites]

Organization Web Address or Contact Info
Church and Conference Headquarters/Offices
Church of Christ (Temple Lot)
(816)833-3995. 200 S. River Blvd., Independence, MO 64051
Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonite)
(724)837-4425. 110 Walton Tea Room Road, Greensburg, PA 15601
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS)
(816)836-3466. 937 W. Walnut, Independence, MO 64050
Community of Christ (RLDS)
(816)833-1000. 1001 W. Walnut, Independence, MO 64050
Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE)
(816)836-3421. 500 N. Union Street, Independence, MO 64051
Joint Conference of Restoration Branches (JCRB)
(816)252-1457. 1100 W. Truman Rd., Independence, MO 64050
Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
(816)461-7215. 700 W. Lexington Avenue, Independence, MO 64050
Restoration Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
(816)254-9590. 803 West 23rd St S, Independence, MO 64055
African Restoration Ministries (ARM)
Angel Message Ministries
Cartoon Ministry (Art for Goodness Sake, by Seventy George Knotts)
Latin American Missions Board (LAMB)
Mexican Ministries Support Group (MMSG)
(816)254-2333 or (816)461-1934
Southeast Asian and Australian Ministries
Restoration Seventy
Missionary Family Support
Family Outreach
(church headquarters and conference offices sell books too)
Book of Mormon Foundation
(816)461-3722. 210 West White Oak, Independence, MO 64050
Deseret Books (on-line book store)
(888)846-7302. (buy family-friendly DVDs here)
Old Bookman Internet Bookstore (Paul Ludy)
(816)690-8733. Specializes in new, used, rare, and out-of-print books
Price Publishing
(816)461-5659. 915 E. 23rd Street, Indepencence, MO 64055
Restoration Audio (web-based audio book store)
Independence Examiner (Newspaper, Independence, MO/USA)
Joseph Smith Papers (personal diaries and more)
Restoration Schools and Supports
Center Place Restoration School (CPRS)
(816)252-1715. 819 W. Waldo Avenue, Independence, MO 64050
Center Place Educational Foundation (supporting CPRS)
Graceland University
(641)784-1000. 1 University Place, Lamoni, Iowa 50140
(816)833-0524. 1401 W. Truman Road, Independence, Missouri 64050
Restoration Adventures: Camps, Campgrounds & Internships
Book of Mormon Foundation Internship Program
Geneseo Campground
23590 Grange Road, Geneseo IL 61254 (309)944-0712
currently off-line
Odessa Hills Campground
Restoration Camping, Inc.
Other Restoration Organizations & Websites
Book of Mormon Evidence (Heartwell Model, in North America)
Book of Mormon Geography (Aric Turner) (click on Library or Study for menus of additional resources)
Christian Center for Book of Mormon Study & Research
Diane Anderson Ludy Music (original music from the scriptures
Herald House Publishing
Hill Cumorah Expeditions
Hope of Zion Message Board (CURRENTLY OFF-LINE)
Neighborhood Groups of Zion
Restoration Gospel Outreach
Restoration Prophecy
Restoration Seventy Blog
Restoration Women's Ministries


Church History

Resources Web Address
Photographs from the LDS Website 
The Story of the Church (by Inez Davis Smith)
The Evening and Morning Star
The Times and Seasons
R.L.D.S. History (Volumes 1- 4)


Study Resources

Study Resource
Web Address
Other Resources
1828 Webster's Dictionary
America's Godly Heritage
Archaeology Magazine
Complete Works of Flavius Josephus
Gospel Topics (talks about what the gospel says on many topics)
Ministry Magazine (Journal for Christian Pastors)
Strong's Concordance (with Hebrew & Greek Lexicon)
The Kingdom Way (by Ron Smith)
The True Vine (by Andrew Murray) (CURRENTLY OFF-LINE)
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
Book of Mormon Websites
Ancient America Foundation (Archaeology)
Book of Mormon - An Inconvenient Truth (Rich Rupe)
Foundation for Indigenous Research and Mormonism (FIRM)
Book of Mormon Geography (Aric Turner)


Restoration Branches, Missions and Districts

Local/Area Ministry Web Address
Branches and Missions
Restoration Branches (this website chooses not to list all branches and has a lot of out-of-date info)
Restoration Districts (non-affiliated)
Heartland District (USA)
Independence District (USA)

** To request we add a branch that's not listed on, contact us.



[Family] [Christian Values] [Home School Resources] [Liberty]

Organization / Info Type Description Web Address or Contact Info
23 & Me Genealogy Testing and Resources Genealogy Testing and Resources
Topics on parenting & the intersection of life and Christian faith
Family Tree DNA
Family Tree DNA projects and testing materials
Biblical solutions for life
Living Scriptures
Animated stories of the Book of Mormon
Ministry to Children
Top 10 Christian parenting websites from Christian Parenting magazine
Parent (Movie) Previews
Family movie reviews and ratings
Smart Marriages
Sponsored by the Coalition for Marriage, Family & Couples Education
Christian Values
Daily Bread
Daily devotionals, published in 40 languages
Daily Guideposts
Daily thoughts and devotionals
Focus on the Family
Helping families thrive
Gospel Essentials
The scriptures - the ultimate authorities on God's word
Grace and Truth Books
New books & unique/rare publications of the past reprinted
Set Apart Girl
Returning to Christ-Centered Femininity
Home School Resources
Curriculum & supports for Christian home educators
Christian Home Education
Assistance for Christian home schools
Education Corner
Resources for educating people of all ages
Home School Books
Christian home educator supports
Home School Central
Resources for homeschooling families
Home School Legal Defense Assoc.
Advocates for homeschooling families
Home School World
Sponsored by "Practical Homeschooling" magazine
Resources for homeschooling families
Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators
Iowa Christian Educators (NICHE) website
The Home School Mom
Advocates for homeschooling families
Home school resources, including home school swap board
Wall Builders
Resources for teaching on the moral and religious heroes in American's fortotten history and Christian heritage
Liberty in the United States
Charters of Freedom
Explores the making and impact of charters, including the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, and The Bill of Rights
Founding Fathers Info
Founding documents, photographs, histories, quotes, and more
Wall Builders
Presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation America was built on
We the People
White House petitions (create one, sign one, review one)

Send suggestions for additional webs that contribute to the Christian quality of life for your family!


Noteworthy Webs

[Music] [Missionary Travel Helps] [Hardship Preparedness] [Other] [Learning Spanish]

Organization / Info Type Description Web Address or Contact Info
Music Hymns Database
Database of hymn texts, authors and hymnal page numbers
LDS Music Helps
Describes how music is used in worship; includes a music library
Guitar chords and lyrics
Cowboy Lyrics
Browse lyrics by artist name
Guitar Hymns
A selection of hymns arranged for guitar by Ron Smith
JW Pepper
Find and purchase music for providing ministry
Find song lyrics by artist name
Missionary Travel Helps
Areas of the World Info
Comprehensive description and analysis of a country or region's historical setting, geography, society, economy, political system, and foreign policy as compiled by the US Army circa 1998.
Flight Aware
Live flight tracking. Use flight # & airline origin and destination cities to track a flight.
Google Maps
Calculate travel miles between destinations, or view street or satellite maps
International Weather
Weather in 33 languages
International Weather
World wide weather forecasts
Calculate travel miles between destinations. View aerial maps
US Weather by County
Select county for detailed weather report
World Time Map
Shows current times around the world, accounting for daylight savings time in various nations who observe it.
World Clock Time Zones
Shows current local times around the world
Hardship / Preparedness
Active Volcanoes of the World
Activity reports on active volcanoes
Canning and Freezing How-Tos
Tips (step-by-step) and recipies for canning and freezing items from your garden or orchard.
Average US Temperatures
Average temperatures and rainful in cities of the US
Earthquake Hazards Program (USGS)
Hourly updates on earthquake activity around the world, including recommendations for preparing for an earthquake
American Red Cross
Info on preparing, training and assisting in times of crisis.
Prepare. Plan. Stay informed. Helps for families.
Homeland Security
Preparedness, Response, Recovery plans - national to local level resources
Homeland Security Terrorism
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Emergency preparedness and response
Disaster Resource Guide
Info & resources to help you prepare for or recover from natural diasters.
7 Steps to Earthquake Resistance
Printable PDF of work place suggestions; some applicable to home (9 pp)
Emergency Preparedness Survival Kits
Food provision, water safety, first-aid suggestions and more
English Alphabet List (Phonetic)
Standard words used in place of letters. Like "kilo" for "K", "quebec" or "Q", and "whiskey" for "W", "xray" for "X" etc.
Gospel Essentials
The gospel of Christ gives us the best essentials for being prepared! Studying the word of God & having hardback scriptures handy is a great idea.
Learn Morse Code
International Morse Code
Neighborhood Groups of Zion
Preparing the land of Zion, house by house, one neighborhood at a time.
Preparedness Pro
Panic-Free preparedness, with Kellene Bishop
Prepared to Lead Personalized program for developing successful managers
Reverse Phone # Lookup
Enter phone # & find address & owner name
Published by the Archaeological Institute of America
Area Codes
Area codes in Cananda, the US and surrounding areas
Aspects/View of Repentance
Steps for atonement for sin (teshuva) in Judaism
Morningstar Ministries
Founded by Rick Joyner; using ministry to build people
Ministry options from many sources, including Tony Evans
The Billy Graham Center
Stimulating Global Evangelism
World Challenge, Inc.
David Wilkerson Ministries
Help With Translations
BBC Sponsored Tutorials
12-week online spanish course (beginner to expert)
Tutorials in grammar, pronunciation, travel spanish, idioms, etc.
Translate Spanish
Copy spanish or english text into the translator, and have it suggest spanish or english translations.
Translate Spanish and Other Languages
Write text and have it translated into another language, or copy text into the translator and have it read in your language of choice. Many languages to choose from.


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